I bailed out on diet routine, sorry

I came all focused to work today with my diet routine still on but my friend called to meet up for lunch. Everything was still ok until we ended up eating Mexican… Oh boy…I couldn’t control and had lots of calories… I feel guilty but hey…. real people do fall and get back… need to get more focused!

Exercise yesterday were some free-weight poses that I have learnt for half an hour. Check this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTJHsQWNRrg I tried her poses. Thank god I didn’t end up having ice-cream but now that the weekend is approaching, controlling all my craving would get even more difficult.

Oh I did weigh myself yesterday and I haven’t lost any weight. Hopefully its too early to say!! But its sad. Sometimes I envy all the actors as they get to hire someone to just look after their body in terms of what & how to exercise and eat. With so much of guidance and encouragement…. If not easy still, its more do-able. One doesn’t need to struggle with if I am doing the correct thing.

Was thinking, our skin and muscles are quite miraculous as in they extend and become smaller easily…like we eat more and they adjust by extending and vice versa. Ever wonder… what God wanted us to be like? and what we (as in whole human race) has become… is it same? or have we even surprised God?

See you guys on Monday:) (Don’t fall like me with getting fit and if you do, its ok… our body is forgiving and we cant immediately change but we are trying and that’s important)


Day 3 of new routine and slowly increasing exercise time

So I was on treadmill for a good 30 mins yesterday and yea now I do feel some heaviness in my legs when I walk, I like it, seems like I did irritate some of fat stored inside if not evacuate it and awakened my muscles. I had light dinner around early evening. It consisted of mixed vegetables and soup and egg and after two hours, I had milk and oats muesli. My breakfast always consists of a medium size plate full of fruits and cup of milk with some cornflakes (these days…the ones with no chocolate).

I have been thinking of going to weigh myself but I always find some excuse to do-it-later 😦 I think I am a bit nervous to see what digits will the machine finally stop blinking at. But I should do it…soon and also measure myself and note down.

One more thing that I am focusing a lot is on having lots of water everyday. I have read all over we should have an intake of 2.5 litres of water everyday but this is including water consumed in tea, milk, fruits and everything. So we should stick to 8-10 glasses of water… I am having about 2 litres water everyday now.

For lunch today, I had simple Indian food with no butter or fattening stuff. If you cook Indian cuisine, the way its cooked at home and not in restaurants, its quite healthy. I had yoghurt, a curry with some diced potato and beans (these curries are also good cuz they have turmeric, which is very good for us) and roti: a thin bread made of wheat and roasted on pan. I forgot to get some quick bites to have after 2 hours, how am I going to make it aaaahhh (my lunch is in office with nothing healthy or low calorie being sold near by).

I keep myself motivated by hoping that when I see myself in the mirror after a month, there will be a thinner, fitter and healthier me staring back! Oh yea, I have forbidden myself to buy new jeans as next time I buy a pair, I want it to be a size smaller and not bigger!!

Byeee have a great day!

Struggling between head, heart and hunger

Yesterday wasn’t too bad except the fact that I felt hungry after every two hours but that’s the thing about having small meals often. I really hope that this pays off.  I crammed in a 30 mins gym session before going to watch GRAVITY (not that great, more like a documentary…like visuals and the way its shot is good but I like movies with a better story line). I was on treadmill for 2 sets of 10 mins at speed 6 and the rest of the 10 mins, I did burpees and sit-ups. I don’t think I exercised much because my body is not hurting (I like that feeling…feels like I actually worked out) so I am going to try to add some more exercise today.

My lunch today was salad consisting of cabbage, cherry tomatoes, carrot, 1 boiled egg, Japanese sesame sauce, freshly diced ripe mango and 3 small slices of chilli chicken. I make it for two hours then have a glass of milk with some muesli and after 2 hours or so…5 grain bread with thinnnnn layer of bread spread. For dinner, it would be some soup and small portion of a dish that goes along with rice but without rice.

Yesterday, I also found this formula (in a diet related book) to calculate how many calories should one take-in in a day. After having found mine, next task is to be able to calculate how many calories what I eat has! Check out the formula below:

For Males:  (10 x weight in KGs) + (6.25 x height in CM) – (5 x age in years) + 5 = Your needed calories/day

For Females:  (10 x weight in KGs) + (6.25 x height in CM) – (5 x age in years) – 161 = Your needed calories/day

Lastly, the word ‘Satiety’ hounded me the whole of yesterday, so I searched for some food that makes you feel full but their calorie count is not too high. Here is a link http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20447770,00.html 

I keep wondering if I am going to be able to continue with what I have started. I would like to lose 8 KGs in weight and become leaner with my face glowing. Looking forward to blogging here and writing down all of what I am doing sure is an encouragement. Sayo nara

On my way to becoming fit or should I say thin

With the wedding date finally set and with the time to walk the aisle finally count-able on my fingers (in the unit of months haha), it is time to finally go and get the look, feel and the figure I have always desired but never had the passion enough to work hard for.

I have always believed that the wedding day is one of the biggest day of our lives (special thanks all the advertisements and movies) and I wanna look the best. I wanna have the best attire at the wedding and beyond for at least couple of years which will help me take glorious glossy pics to tell my kids one day, that your parents looked no less than celebs in their time haha and just generally…have some perfect moments in terms of body shape to always look back and smile about.

Frankly, I dislike exercising and am a big time foodie but right now, I really want ‘the perfect look’ so today I start on getting to the right figure journey… I hope I make it 🙂

My all time fave cuisines are Italian, Thai and Indian but from now on I plan to completely not have rice, cut on rotis and forget pizza and pasta and mmm ravioli cream sauce (omg). I dont dislike veggies (thank god) so I think I will survive, I hope to find more food which is tasty but not so fattening (I better keep reminding myself how torturous it is to exercise and see the clock take its own sweet time to do its job while I am sweating and grumbling).

Today, instead of my rich diet, for lunch I have got salad made of cabbage, boiled corn, tomatoes with some low fat cream. I am told to have many small meals instead of one big one, so I also got 5 grains bread with a bread spread and lastly low fat Soya milk and a banana…. aaaaahhhh I miss my normal lunch bit I gotta do this, will tell you how it goes from here:)