Writing101: Size matters?

Today, tell us about the home you lived in when you were twelve. For your twist, pay attention to — and vary — your sentence lengths.

I was probably in grade six when I was twelve years old, the tallest in my grade and among my siblings (that’s not so true now though). My old home was nothing posh yet houses many fond memories of ours (ours here is my family and me). It was three-storey shop house with no shop. Some of our neighbors used the ground floor as a shop and some of them used the entire three-storey building as a godown (small warehouse). There were five shop houses in each lane and there were two lanes facing each other and forming a square with the entry controlled by wrought iron gates.

We didn’t exactly have nice neighbors whom we could be friendly with and play ball with so we always were quite content to have each other. Our home entrance’s wall and door was made of glass with metal shutter on the outside. Blue & White ceramic tiles lined the ground floor.  We called it living room! There were two Maroon colored sofa sets facing each other and a rectangular glass table in the middle followed by a six seats dining table. Then a Gypsum board partition. Behind the partition was a kitchenette, bathroom (that all of us used only in emergency simply because we weren’t fond of it) and the covered verandah where we washed dishes.

We had two bedrooms on the floor above and our favorite bathroom was on the second floor. This one was well lit. Small though. Outside the bath room was an old sofa set made of wood and covered with table cloth like material. Adjacent to which were our almirahs, some of wood and some of metal. There was a glass partition and then the kids room housing a normal twin bed and a bunk bed made of light wood. I remember sleeping till late on holidays was a problem in this house as our neighbors started work early and it got noisy. They had some import/ export business and needed to tape boxes (which made screeching noise) and the thum thum of loading/unloadin big cartons. Argh!

The third floor had our parents room and some storage area outside the room. We also had a roof where we dried our clothing. Here we fixed our water tank numerous time. We (kids) also used to hop from roof to roof of other buildings and pluck flowers or simply race. Brings smile on my face! It wasn’t a lavish home but one that was best suited for a child to create memories in.


4 thoughts on “Writing101: Size matters?

  1. Hi Kaura, this comment “We (kids) also used to hop from roof to roof of other buildings and pluck flowers or simply race.” brought a smile to my face too 🙂 I could just imagine growing up there too.
    P.S got your link from the Commons. I think you did a good job here.

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