Writing101: ‘Lost & Found’

Today, imagine you work in a place where you manage lost or forgotten items. What might you find in the pile? For those participating in our serial challenge, reflect on the theme of “lost and found,” too.

I work in one of the most dimly lit and quiet cubicles. People only run up to me when they remember that they have forgotten something. All are curious eyed, pleading hands with worry etched on their face. I long to see normal happy people. I flip through another box of ‘lost and found’ items that the cleaning department has sent my way this afternoon. A pink watch with plastic strap and needles ending with silver stars, presumably a teenage girl’s. Next, a USB, well we find at least ten everyday, will keep a check if anyone asks for it. Next, a big plastic case with some sort of album inside. I turn it around to find a note, raising my right eyebrow, I set to read it. ‘If you find it, don’t try returning it. I couldn’t have destroyed it myself thus I thought of simply letting it go’. Okay! This doesn’t happen everyday.

Suddenly I was all alert and quite bit excited. I pulled the album out of its case and started with the first page. Pictures of a boy in his teens: brown eyes, long Black hair, perfectly arched eyebrows, medium built, fair, good looking over all. There are pictures of him grinning, sticking his tongue out (why take such close ups?), playing soccer, standing in front of a home. I flip to the second page, pictures of a pretty girl. Again those close ups and her hugging a basket ball. She has long Black hair, dark Brown eyes, Pink lips, full smile and perfect jawline. Quite pretty.

I glance at the next page. Their pictures holding hands, riding on a horse next to a beach, playing chess and one in school uniforms. On to the next page, I see these kids more grown up now. There are pictures of them having ice cream (cookie & cream it seems like), standing in front of a museum, at a bowling alley and at a temple. The next page is filled with every kind of selfie but what has kept my interest alive in this album, besides the weird note, is their happy faces. Their smiles and chemistry seems quite infectious. They seem quite close in these pictures: hugging, kissing and very comfortable with each other.

The next page has the boys picture at the airport with all his luggage next to him. He looks teary eyed. A valentines day chocolate heart and rose. His arm in a plaster (what happened here?). Close up of back of her neck with tattooed initials saying G.S. I find some torn pieces of paper in this album. Feeling like a mystery solver, I quickly assemble these pieces to find it is an engagement party invitation (What?). What have I come across? And why is it torn?

What do I do of an item that has been purposely lost? To my eyes, it seems like this album spells a rosy future, what could have gone wrong? Cant they talk about it and fix it? I wish I had a partner like her. I wish I wasn’t lonely. Life will definitely give these both other chances but every flower has a different essence and not every fragrance is our favorite and the favorite cant be forgotten ever, as it doesn’t simply please the senses but our heart.


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