While being perched on the block of concrete

Short bright Red dress hugging her body, showing her curves. Cut quite low below her neck and well above her legs. Her body, not so toned but well cleaned. Her hair, straight and cut short. Easy to handle, no styling needed. She holds a black clutch, not so classy, while perched on a concrete block next to the main road. Slightly swings her fair legs that end in a five inch pencil heels, they don’t seem comfortable at all.

Her face, I find average. She is not a beauty goddess. Not that I am looking down. I find her face extra white compared to rest of her body, foundation, lots of it. She has bright Red lipstick, sultry kind of shade. Her tiny Asian eyes are well lined in Black and cheeks are a bit too Orange. Her eyebrows, lined a bit too straight. All over, it looked like she had put in a lot of effort to look good… but for who?

I have been watching her for two weeks now, dressed similarly everyday. Looking curiously at all pedestrians on the foot path. Particularly men, she smiles at them, catching their eye, assessing them top to bottom. She perks up seeing foreigners, perhaps they wallets stick out more. I see her everyday, at the same place, all by herself, trying to get some business, wishing for some male to pick her.

I don’t look down at her because I don’t know her story, her struggle. Women usually don’t choose this line by their wishes. I understand there must be troubles in her life for she needs to perch on that block of concrete everyday, never mind the weather or the weird looks she gets from passer-bys. She keeps correcting her make-up, trying to look younger, as this business is hot only till your youth is. I wonder where she lives, how she lives. I wonder if she has kids.

She sits everyday determined, smiling. I find her brave for she is facing her circumstances and yet keeping her chin up. I don’t encourage this line but I cant look away from force that brings her here everyday. May be she is forced to come here everyday. I don’t know, but she looks calm. I don’t want to judge her as I only see her. All I wish is for her to find some other business soon to help her when she grows old so she can always be brave, always confident!