3 Quick Ways to Invest in Gold in Thailand

“The annual inflation rate in Thailand rose to a nine-month high of 3.23% in January 2022 from 2.17% in the prior month” – Tradingeconomics.com

History and Google, very clearly state that holding on to Gold is a wise choice to make for investment purposes and as a hedging tool. It is a commodity that is easy to trade, recognized by all and its price has consistently risen over the years. In the last 20 years alone, it went up by almost 500%.

Gold is the metal we fall back on when currencies don’t work and when uncertainty looms. This is also the main reason because of which gold became part of many cultures and is collected and given out to friends and family as gift.

While fated to face the uncertainties of forecasted inflation in Thailand, investing in gold will be the right option for anyone looking to preserve or increase the value of their money in the year 2022. Following are 3 quick ways to invest in gold in Thailand.

  1. Gold Bullion

Imagine shiny, yellow gold bars, that are at least 99.5% pure – that is gold bullion. It also comes in the forms of coins that weigh lesser and are more affordable. Buying gold in the form of jewelry is the third option, however it comes with workmanship costs (depending on the piece) and less purity compared to bars or coins.

These purchases can be made over the counter in any gold shop in Thailand. These purchases must be accompanied with the receipts/ certificates of the purchase.

  • Online Gold trading platforms

Gold trading, just like trading stocks online, is another option. Based on budget and experience, traders make money on short-term or long-term purchases. An account can be set up on MTSGold or with major banks such as Bangkok Bank or Krungthai Bank.

Any investor can easily purchase gold online, for the fraction of the price, without taking the headache to manage & insure physical gold, and sell it at an opportune time to make some profit. This option comes with convenience of selling gold using a phone at desired time and not having to travel to the gold shop. Be sure to ask for associated fees while signing up.

  • Investing in gold with just THB1,000

Yes, you read that right! Ausiris.co.th offers a plan of gold savings as an investment where the client pays a minimum of only THB1,000 (or more based on pocket) per month and the company purchases gold for them, stores it and also offers the client the opportunity to ask for delivery of real gold, cash or sell when the accumulated weight reaches 0.3 grams. This is a recommended plan for investors who’d like to put in small amount of money for a valuable future.

Gold investment has always been fruitful and a perfect asset diversification plan. Starting small is recommended while choosing a platform that needs to get familiarity before investing in big numbers. Start today for to save for tomorrow.


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