Seviyaa di kheer (Indian sweet dish)

Mom made seviyaa di kheer. I dislike normal rice kheer and thus seviyaa are made especially in Mehak’s honor. I run and hop towards the fridge, open it, feel cold air on my face, frantically search for that dabba with glorious milky liquid sequined with seviyaa and almonds and keep it out on to the table. Quickly fish the biggest spoon possible and am gonna start right from the dabba “Mehak! don’t start eating from the dabba itself, leave some for others too!!” Aww man…how does she (my mom) know me so well! Goes and gets a small bowl and takes just one portion  But hey! she didn’t stop me from taking many portions  seviyaaaa…



Nude platform heels obsession

And there my reflection is shining bright in the mirror, 170 cm tall, slim girl with fair complexion and almond Brown eyes, wearing a short white dress, brown eye-liner, a smile lit with light pink lips, lighter shade of pink for cheeks, diamond studs for ear rings, dark brown hair tied into a loose bun, a nude clutch in my hands and my new nude platform heels!!


I think how amazing does Mehek look with such little effort hmmmm.

“Mehek! MEHEK! Ajj uthengi ki kal’, and the voice becomes more fierce “get up NOW!” and there goes the air-conditioning and a moment later… my blanket. “Mom, I was having such a nice dream about my new nude platform heels and you woke me up” I say with a grumpy face. “Beta, I think you have become obsessed with those heels, baar sutt deya? Should I throw them out? Get ready soon!” Aaaaaah I just love my mom (saying through gritted teeth) but I do love my mom. My mom is just like how Superwoman plays her mom in her Youtube videos.



After making a quick prayer to have a nice day, I get off my bed and hit the shower while reminding myself that the luxury to sleep till late is now available for just another one week as after that Mehek would be working lady. Yayyyy!


Nude Platform Heels

A glossy nude platform heel! Perfect shade… Goes with my skin tone! Aaaaaaaaaaa I want this!! I want this!! I want this!! “Can I have size 37 in this please” to the seller. A plump lady with very fine eyeliner, hmm I wonder how they make it so perfect “37 no have, can try 38” awww “okay, let me try”. They fit perfectly, hugging my feet and yet quite light weight than i had imagined. Oh man! They would be my first platform heels. Smiles looking in the mirror and her reflection smiles back approving the purchase. “MEHEK eh kee purchase kar rahi hai??” “You are starting office tomorrow, not beauty contest… Put them back”. I say “mom pleaseeee I love them besides one should be stylish too these days!!” “You can borrow it for your parties too, its same size as yours!!”, “really! Let me try”. Mom phass gayi, yesss! Five mins later, walking out with my new nude platform heels and imagining work attires to go with it