Family time by the beach

Imagine a reality in which you wake up to undisturbed 180-degree view of the ocean and few islets, where you devour variety of breakfast options while overlooking lush foliage and pristine ocean waters from the hill top, where afternoons are lazy and evenings are glittering gold as the sun sets, where dinners are simple family affair of three and sleep is deep & sound. This is my favorite memory, our family trip to Koh Chang Island in Thailand in January 2022.

This holiday trip was a first for us since the pandemic hit, since we had a baby and longest in terms of car ride and the duration of our stay. In the 3 weeks that we were there, my favorite day surely has to be my husband’s birthday. Being an ardent believer of birthday bashes, this birthday of his was refreshing as we were surrounded by no balloons, extended family or big celebrations, instead there was jubilation in simplicity and intimacy that we shared as a small family.

The day started with my toddler and me taking in panoramic views of the beautiful ocean, the light blue sky, great big trees while I wrapped him up in embraces and kisses. Then I breastfed him while stretching my legs on a balcony chair. It is always so satisfying to watch him satisfy his need of comfort and hunger.

Upon re-entering the room, we found Papa awake, so we hugged him and sang ‘Happy Birthday’. Our son was too small to do anything entertaining last year, compared to this moment, in which he was smiling and clapping with his little hands, which made this birthday even more special. After a quick shower, we all headed to the breakfast hall. All three of us love to eat, picking food items from the buffet spread and then getting ourselves second & third helpings brings us immense joy. This along with being seated next to an unobstructed million-dollar view of the sun, the sand and the sea. While we were enjoying all this, the staff surprised us with a chocolate cake. We found later that it had been requested by my husband’s brother so we made a quick video to say thank you.

My husband and me love water sports, so after breakfast, we headed down to the beach, to do some Kayaking. Thankfully the Sun wasn’t too strong and the water wasn’t so choppy. My husband sat behind me with a paddle and I sat holding on to our little toddler who looked beyond adorable in his yellow hat, white & blue swim shirt and trunk, wearing an oversized purple life-vest. We paddled to the nearest islet while feasting our eyes on nature’s beauty: greenery that surrounded us, clear water with small fish & corals, expansive light blue sky, sounds of the waves mixed with birds singing. It was as if we were witnessing an orchestra being conducted by mother nature herself. It truly relaxed our minds and our spirits.

The soft waves and the cool breeze under sweet sunshine lulled our toddler to sleep, so we spent the afternoon by the beachside, lounging on beach chairs while our son rested atop my husband’s chest. I took this moment to go try StandUp Paddle board. It’s like a surf board with a paddle. After calming my nerves and finding my balance, I was able to stand on the board and it truly was exhilarating. It felt like having mastered a certain magic trick. And when I looked over to the shore, I saw my husband showing me a thumbs up. I enjoyed this experience thoroughly, it made me feel ‘I can!’.

Once our son was awake, we played with him by the beach, with his sand toys, shoveling some white sand on to his dumper truck, playing peek-a-boo, exploring the area, picking up big red leaves. An hour before the sunset, we started walking to the sea, felt lukewarm water turning cool on our legs, as we walked deeper, with our son sitting in his gigantic floatie and being pulled by us. We felt elated while walking over soft wavy sandy floor, feeling each wave of water caressing our bodies, enjoying eye-soothing views and calming sounds of the nature. In this moment, the twinkle in my husband’s eyes, his relaxed shoulders and that smile playing on his lips made me realize that birthdays can be celebrated this way too.

After the beach, our son led us to the infinity pool that’s built by the beach side. We watched the sun set behind the islets while playing with him in the pool. While the sun was setting, it colored the entire sea golden. The water shone like liquid gold, the sky painted itself in hues of yellow, orange and pink, and I couldn’t stop looking and admiring this larger-than-life canvas while collecting fallen flowers with my son in the pool. In my usual life, the sun sets behind a tall building and I am usually running an errand before dinner is served.

We took a shower and changed into slightly dressy clothing for my husband’s birthday dinner at the resort’s restaurant, situated right next to the beach. It felt great to dress up, put on ear rings, some makeup and walk out the door after spritzing some light perfume. Three of us dressed in shades of green for the occasion and were eagerly waiting for our warm Italian meal consisting of mushroom soup, pizza and pasta to be served. My husband was surprised with another cake this time, it was from our son and me. The smile on his face melted my heart.

This indeed was a perfect day, the one I wish for on regular days, the one I dream of after a tiring a day and the one that has become my favorite memory.

PS: The resort we stayed at, truly the best that Koh Chang offers, is Sea View resort Koh Chang. Highly recommended and I am not sponsored by them.


3 Quick Ways to Invest in Gold in Thailand

“The annual inflation rate in Thailand rose to a nine-month high of 3.23% in January 2022 from 2.17% in the prior month” –

History and Google, very clearly state that holding on to Gold is a wise choice to make for investment purposes and as a hedging tool. It is a commodity that is easy to trade, recognized by all and its price has consistently risen over the years. In the last 20 years alone, it went up by almost 500%.

Gold is the metal we fall back on when currencies don’t work and when uncertainty looms. This is also the main reason because of which gold became part of many cultures and is collected and given out to friends and family as gift.

While fated to face the uncertainties of forecasted inflation in Thailand, investing in gold will be the right option for anyone looking to preserve or increase the value of their money in the year 2022. Following are 3 quick ways to invest in gold in Thailand.

  1. Gold Bullion

Imagine shiny, yellow gold bars, that are at least 99.5% pure – that is gold bullion. It also comes in the forms of coins that weigh lesser and are more affordable. Buying gold in the form of jewelry is the third option, however it comes with workmanship costs (depending on the piece) and less purity compared to bars or coins.

These purchases can be made over the counter in any gold shop in Thailand. These purchases must be accompanied with the receipts/ certificates of the purchase.

  • Online Gold trading platforms

Gold trading, just like trading stocks online, is another option. Based on budget and experience, traders make money on short-term or long-term purchases. An account can be set up on MTSGold or with major banks such as Bangkok Bank or Krungthai Bank.

Any investor can easily purchase gold online, for the fraction of the price, without taking the headache to manage & insure physical gold, and sell it at an opportune time to make some profit. This option comes with convenience of selling gold using a phone at desired time and not having to travel to the gold shop. Be sure to ask for associated fees while signing up.

  • Investing in gold with just THB1,000

Yes, you read that right! offers a plan of gold savings as an investment where the client pays a minimum of only THB1,000 (or more based on pocket) per month and the company purchases gold for them, stores it and also offers the client the opportunity to ask for delivery of real gold, cash or sell when the accumulated weight reaches 0.3 grams. This is a recommended plan for investors who’d like to put in small amount of money for a valuable future.

Gold investment has always been fruitful and a perfect asset diversification plan. Starting small is recommended while choosing a platform that needs to get familiarity before investing in big numbers. Start today for to save for tomorrow.

“Just a minute, I will be with you shortly”

Chai is a fifty-five year old single father. His wife didn’t leave him for heaven amidst clouds but for heaven in Bangkok itself: a rich man. His daughter is five years old today and he doesn’t want her to leave him for money too. He has taken an oath to change their times and be a rich person. He wants to provide everything to his daughter so she doesn’t turn out to be a greedy person like their mother.

Ying, his daughter has turned ten now. They live in a clean apartment instead of the slum. They have food every day now. Chai has also hired a part-time nanny to look after Ying as he is busy most of the time. Whenever Ying calls for his attention at home, he says “just a minute, I will be with you shortly”.

Fifteen year old Ying finds social media as her best friend. She lives with Johnny; her Golden retriever and her permanent nanny Mary in a spacious bungalow and has abundance of teenager-needs-and-wants. She has many friends to hang out with too, Chai doesn’t know them and the nanny doesn’t bother. Whenever Ying calls Chai on his phone, he says “just a minute, I will be with you shortly”.

Chai is seventy-five today, his businesses growing and health ailing. He spends a lot of time at home now as he isn’t physically fit any more. Since he started being home, he keeps a close eye on his mobile screen and looks expectantly at the door each time the bell rings, however Ying just waltz in and out of the luxury villa. She has no attachment to any one at her so called home except with Johnny, for he was there when she needed someone to just be with her. Whenever Chai calls Ying on her phone, now she says “just a minute, I will be with you shortly”.

Twenty-five year old Ying just received a message of her dad’s death. Typically children rush to their parent’s funerals and thus she is flying back to Bangkok from London. But there aren’t any tears of despair in her eyes. There is no heavy heart or that sinking feeling. In fact she looks forward to her week long holiday on the beaches of Phuket after the funeral. Is that shallow? But she can’t recall a person who had no time for her. Who was never home looking for her arrival. Who was always busy, giving priorities to everything but her. Who never was with her ‘shortly’.

In some ways Ying might have turned to be like Chai, for she is a very busy person. But will she also face emotional failures like Chai? Only time will tell. I give everyone same duration, opportunities you create for yourself. I make sure an hour is same for the rich and poor but how you spend that hour is up to you. It’s true that if you put what’s important to wait, I can’t wait for you. For I am time, and I only keep moving, not waiting.


Must read

in transit


Because all women have walked to their car in the dark, keys clutched tight in hand, one poking out between two fingers.

Because when I go out to bars or clubs, I have to think about whether what I’m wearing is too suggestive, instead of putting on whatever I please.

Because I feel the need to apologize when I’m not wearing makeup or my hair hasn’t been washed, or when I’m generally looking anything other than flawless.

Because there was nothing I could do about the man who touched me inappropriately in the middle of Gillette Stadium as I waited for my then-boyfriend to come out of the bathroom. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STADIUM.

Because there was also nothing I could do when a man touched me inappropriately in the middle of a crowded street, his arm around his girlfriend. Because retaliating in the way I wanted to…

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Hope is one the best attributes of me. Even when things go down, I can still hold my head high, thanks to hope! When things look not so bright and scare me about the future, I still cling onto hope! When road ahead looks troublesome but a needed pathway to accomplish smth, I still hold hands with hope! I pretty much tell my self ‘never mind’ when things go wrong as there is always hope by my side.

Yes there is hope mainly but some silent characters like positivity, faith and a thrill to make it.

However there are certain moments where I am losing on hope and being engulfed with negativity and sorrow. I kick hard but I don’t know how to swim. Many a times a rope of hope rescues me through this quicksand but still its a terrible feeling to be in one. The fear in me attracts sorrow and hopelessness, dislike it!

I wish to never lose hope because it always gives me a reason to smile, strength to face the not-so-welcome times and yet stay focused. I really wish not to lose hope as I would lose myself with it too, it makes a big part of me. I hope hope doesn’t leave me and go for smiling would be an exercise then 🙂


shaky confidence and pretty bridal dress!

I hope they are plain fears and not a reality I want to ignore,

I hope I will be loved and even more.

I hope he understands intangible meanings and nature of love,

I hope he feels it like I do.


I wish to be trusted and believed by him blindly,

I wish he becomes honest as a transparent sheet with me.

I want to be his stone, I want him to give me an opportunity,

I want to be his closest friend, will he let me be?


I don’t want to be compared, I want to be special for him,

like he is for me,

I want his eyes to light up and lips to turn in an upward curve when he sees me,

happens to me, does it happen to him? can’t see!


Would like to aim for contentment and happiness,

Work at honing ourselves for a better relationship.

Don’t want to blame people or things, don’t want to call names,

Don’t want to fight on petty things, don’t want to lose out on love through fights and please no dictatorship.


He empowers me, yet he weakens me,

I wish he could understand how he effects me.

If he could call me his own and treat me so,

with love and understanding.


I ask no more, just want to be yours,

In words, in feelings, through struggles with no ceilings.

This nervousness that I feel or are they negative thoughts?

Please understand my plight, don’t fuel this fire anymore.


Accept me the way I am, don’t confuse me over and over,

Make me feel like being at the top of the world, like lovers do.

Don’t talk of parting so easily, these thoughts trouble me much,

Dream happier dreams, don’t think of thoughts as such.


Please understand you are important to me and I listen to all you say,

May these silences of pain change to be silence of comforts, I pray.

I am switching my world for you, please make it worth it,

Don’t play with my grip so easily, I will be lost.


The little girl in me looks at you through these grown eyes,

She feels scared easily, she is stepping into a new terrain all alone.

Our roles are changing and responsibilities are to increase,

Just be with me lovingly, don’t make me feel weird, let all your love be shown.


Ways to keep ur self diverted from focusing on smth

1) Youtube!! you are bound to find smth that interests you.

2) Read! books, gossip sections, comics… just about anything.

3) Group chat with school friends or any other friends that will help you divert. Discuss random topics and have fun.

4) Work: immerse urself in it.

5) Music: with earphones on!!

To feel lighter:

1) Write your feeling down and shove them in a drawer.

2) Think happier thoughts.

3) Use instagram, upload some pics or quotations

But real feeling nice will happen only after solving the matter!



Anger Anger GO Away! Lemme have a peaceful day!

Anger! an issue that touches almost all our lives, directly or indirectly. If we are now matured enough and can control our anger then may be our partner has a problem. If we both are blessed to be at peace and controlled then may be another family member is lil miss angry.

Anger can’t be shooed away by simply saying ‘stop getting angry!’, it needs to be worked at and mastered at. Just like we study through out the year and take tests, just like we practice many sums by memorizing all the formulas, just like we practice tying shoe lace over and over. We need to practice to control our anger and let it not control us.

First indicator is self-realization i.e. to be able to detect anger creeping in your head. Many a times, just this realization can help in calming down as the brain upon realizing immediately composes itself again and thus one can successfully avoid a heated argument.

Second indicator is realizing our spoken words. If you hear yourself using rude language, intentionally hurting the other, calling names; it is high time to stop speaking and forcing out a sorry from your mouth, taking a U-turn and going away for a while to calm down. The sorry there will help curbing your ego when you meet the same person again.

Third indicator would be realizing this feeling inside us by which you deliberately want to hurt the other person, make them feeling miserable. You forget who they are, block all their happy memories and good things but would like to lash out at them and break them mentally, if not controlled physically.

Fourth indicator is protecting your ego and feeling powerful. In fights, you usually feel nice by hurting the ego of the other and protecting you own by ensuring hurting the other persons ego. This exercise gives the feeling of feeling powerful even though it is a short-lived illusion of a feeling (till realization kicks in) (if). Realization of feeling powerful this way could be another indicator as this power is being felt by the grace of anger, at the cost ego of the other. At this point, realize and create a need to eradicate feeling this power.

Last indicator for you to realize and if not stop but to reduce the fight is in the after-fight period. Stop the urge of wanting to go away from the other person or blocking all the communication. Let go of the negative vibes in your head and call the person after a little while and talk in calmer tones. Try to understand their perspective before explaining yours (this could be the topic of another post altogether). Its always better to solve a fight and move on rather than pretending to move on with that fight still stuck in your head as each time that you remember this particular fight, it will re-create the same feelings and thoughts in your head and you don’t want to go through it again!

Anger is a friend of no one and helps only in destruction. If controlled and used wisely, it can help correct other people. No one is lower or higher than us and all of us make mistakes. Whatever you say or do while angry, train your sub-conscious to empathize i.e. how would you feel if the same thing happens to you.

Anger breaks beautiful relations and will leave you alone so choose, if you want to let go of anger and the ego or the person who makes your life wonderful discounting the few moments of fights. I personally believe everything can be talked in a nicer manner, try!


Change but how much?

It is said that there is nothing that’s perfect in life. A child is not born perfect, a lawyer is not made so just like that and parents don’t emerge as parents even before their kids came on earth. Everything needs to be worked at and so does a relationship of a boyfriend and girlfriend that transforms into fiance and fiancee and then man and wife.

For making it to being man and wife, after you know that you really love the other, requires certain behavioral and mental changes in you. (Physical you might do on your own). You change your attitude and continuously hone yourself to be at your best, not just in front of him but in real.You become the best person that you can. You change your attitude and your ways. You become selfless in decisions and feelings. Your world becomes the other. You derive happiness from them and multiply it and same goes for sorrow and pain. You practice three golden rules of a successful relationship: being humble, always having sweet-speech and forgiveness. With these rules being present and acted upon, fights fail to even creep in.

But what if your partner doesn’t do all that and remains their stubborn self? What if they not only refuse to change but view it as change of character and for them to be leaving what they actually are? What if you partner has a bad anger management problem and a tongue that lashes out almost about anything when angry. What if it feels like adrenaline rush in the moment of anger actually controls them and they like the ‘sense’ power they think they achieve in this phase? Moments of love don’t even enter their head and their art of twisting word and using the words of extreme nature hurt you bad.

How can a person be loving to the bits one day and make you feel like a hate trash can the next. Where is the balance in life? What happened to being calm and alert of negative thoughts in your head and saying NO to them for the sake of US. What happened to try to understand the others perspective instead of loving just yourself. What about letting the other exercise his/her rights on you instead of telling them off in ever manner. In this situation, who should you care for: a broken heart, hurt ego, confused brain, upside down curve of your lips or this mad ache deep in the chest wanting it all to be solved and normalized.

Normalcy is a luxury often understood after its gone!