Struggling between head, heart and hunger

Yesterday wasn’t too bad except the fact that I felt hungry after every two hours but that’s the thing about having small meals often. I really hope that this pays off.  I crammed in a 30 mins gym session before going to watch GRAVITY (not that great, more like a documentary…like visuals and the way its shot is good but I like movies with a better story line). I was on treadmill for 2 sets of 10 mins at speed 6 and the rest of the 10 mins, I did burpees and sit-ups. I don’t think I exercised much because my body is not hurting (I like that feeling…feels like I actually worked out) so I am going to try to add some more exercise today.

My lunch today was salad consisting of cabbage, cherry tomatoes, carrot, 1 boiled egg, Japanese sesame sauce, freshly diced ripe mango and 3 small slices of chilli chicken. I make it for two hours then have a glass of milk with some muesli and after 2 hours or so…5 grain bread with thinnnnn layer of bread spread. For dinner, it would be some soup and small portion of a dish that goes along with rice but without rice.

Yesterday, I also found this formula (in a diet related book) to calculate how many calories should one take-in in a day. After having found mine, next task is to be able to calculate how many calories what I eat has! Check out the formula below:

For Males:  (10 x weight in KGs) + (6.25 x height in CM) – (5 x age in years) + 5 = Your needed calories/day

For Females:  (10 x weight in KGs) + (6.25 x height in CM) – (5 x age in years) – 161 = Your needed calories/day

Lastly, the word ‘Satiety’ hounded me the whole of yesterday, so I searched for some food that makes you feel full but their calorie count is not too high. Here is a link,,20447770,00.html 

I keep wondering if I am going to be able to continue with what I have started. I would like to lose 8 KGs in weight and become leaner with my face glowing. Looking forward to blogging here and writing down all of what I am doing sure is an encouragement. Sayo nara