Writing101 : nosy cat

Earlier in the course, you wrote about losing something. Today, write about finding something. For your twist, view day four’s post and today’s post as installments in a series.

Link to my day 4 post: https://kaurspeaks.wordpress.com/2014/06/06/writing101-one-of-my-greatest-loss/


My friend had gone to use his rest room. We had a long day enjoying the weekend market during the summer. I was resting myself perched on the foot of his bed. It had been a while and I was getting bored waiting for him. I got up and thought of browsing through his shelf. His graduation picture with a Gold frame, collectible cartoon characters of his childhood (Ben10 I guess), a photo cube of our pictures that I had given him, pictures of his niece and nephew, his car keys and lots of dust. “You are taking way to long” I shouted, “I will be there in a minute” he shouted back.

I started tapping my Green painted nails against his shelf and perfecting the rhythm of a running horse (hahaha). I looked at the shelf again and found a drawer beneath. Without thinking much, I yanked it open. There were some old magazines and brochures. Towards its rear end were our pictures from school, studio pictures with funny wigs and brooms. I smiled, remembering those moments. There was a small box next to all this. Not a simple box but one decorated with white and blue stones. I know I was treading on a fine line of public property and private property but I couldn’t hold my curiosity back. I opened it.

I saw a picture of both of us in Black and White embedded in the inner lid. Mind you, we looked really happy and laughing about something with that gleam in our eyes when we were snapped. This was one of those candid moments with us looking so nice. I smiled further and looked to check contents of this box. My white feather earring… I had lost it ages ago! Probably dropped it in his car while on the way back from somewhere. So it wasn’t exactly lost eh! My Red fiber anklet, I had to take it out at the beach as the combination of sand, water and anklet had made it too itchy, it was with him?? All these years! I started to feel confused by now, what was going on? Next I found my charms bracelet which was really precious to me but again I thought I lost it. Did he take these things from me or rather, kept them safely long after I forgot about them or simply ignored their absence. Whatever the reason may be, what were my things doing with him?

There was also a plastic packet. I opened it. Long Silver chain with a silver heart. I knew exactly what this was. I had always wanted such a locket in which you can flip the heart pendant open. I had told him about this. Yes, I had. And when I would open this locket, which I was opening, I would find my picture… and I was seeing my picture now, followed by picture of the love of my life…and the second picture was his. WHAT!?? This can’t be a joke! He is in love with me? too??