Welcome Stranger!

This place is a negotiation and bargain haven

This Asian town that I would like to bring forward to you is internationally equipped with everything one needs. The airport is massive, made of see-through glass with never ending walkways and shopping arenas. People are sweet here and smile through out however, it is the tradition here to smile when happy and even when angry so you can expect being called names with a smile. Everyone here loves fair skin people as they have heavy wallets. They easily discriminate between foreigners and their own. But with a smile, so that is doesn’t pinch the guest of the town.

Food is here usually is extremely spicy but quite cheap. USD1.5 is all it takes for a stomach full of meal. Food is available in abundance at every nook and corner but bigger the restaurant, better the price and perhaps, lesser the quantity. Foreigners might need a handkerchief or mask to cover their face as often food here smells bad for the untrained noses. Shopping here is cheap too, be it be fashion items or tech items however, you cant try clothes before you buy them (i.e. not in branded malls) and tech items you cant refund for when the don’t work (as they are copies). This place is a negotiation and bargain haven but one shouldn’t try any tricks in the opening hour of the shop (its considered bad omen by the locals and will get them very angry, angry enough to not sell you anything at all).

Elders and monks are immensely respected here. Same sex couples are a common sighting yet no law to protect them and give them identity of their own. Our police and military is strong yet late night bike racing is a common sighting. Greenery in the city is picturesque in hotels and parks, otherwise its hardly visible. Getting around the city is not so much of a problem using mass transit train services but a taxi driver might make you reach some place in thirty minutes whereas it might have been just five minutes away. All the roads and sub roads have signs indicating directions so one doesn’t get lost however English font size is one where you need to quint your eyes and read.

There is a lot of history, adventure and scenic places here but foreigners should hurry to visit us as commercialisation is continuously increasing and we cant assure you affordable prices and packages. Our mountaineous regions await you, which are now colder than before. Our beaches await you, which are now dirtier than before.

This is the strange story of my town, all strangers are welcome for an unforgettable experience!


Struggling between head, heart and hunger

Yesterday wasn’t too bad except the fact that I felt hungry after every two hours but that’s the thing about having small meals often. I really hope that this pays off.  I crammed in a 30 mins gym session before going to watch GRAVITY (not that great, more like a documentary…like visuals and the way its shot is good but I like movies with a better story line). I was on treadmill for 2 sets of 10 mins at speed 6 and the rest of the 10 mins, I did burpees and sit-ups. I don’t think I exercised much because my body is not hurting (I like that feeling…feels like I actually worked out) so I am going to try to add some more exercise today.

My lunch today was salad consisting of cabbage, cherry tomatoes, carrot, 1 boiled egg, Japanese sesame sauce, freshly diced ripe mango and 3 small slices of chilli chicken. I make it for two hours then have a glass of milk with some muesli and after 2 hours or so…5 grain bread with thinnnnn layer of bread spread. For dinner, it would be some soup and small portion of a dish that goes along with rice but without rice.

Yesterday, I also found this formula (in a diet related book) to calculate how many calories should one take-in in a day. After having found mine, next task is to be able to calculate how many calories what I eat has! Check out the formula below:

For Males:  (10 x weight in KGs) + (6.25 x height in CM) – (5 x age in years) + 5 = Your needed calories/day

For Females:  (10 x weight in KGs) + (6.25 x height in CM) – (5 x age in years) – 161 = Your needed calories/day

Lastly, the word ‘Satiety’ hounded me the whole of yesterday, so I searched for some food that makes you feel full but their calorie count is not too high. Here is a link http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20447770,00.html 

I keep wondering if I am going to be able to continue with what I have started. I would like to lose 8 KGs in weight and become leaner with my face glowing. Looking forward to blogging here and writing down all of what I am doing sure is an encouragement. Sayo nara