Day 3 of new routine and slowly increasing exercise time

So I was on treadmill for a good 30 mins yesterday and yea now I do feel some heaviness in my legs when I walk, I like it, seems like I did irritate some of fat stored inside if not evacuate it and awakened my muscles. I had light dinner around early evening. It consisted of mixed vegetables and soup and egg and after two hours, I had milk and oats muesli. My breakfast always consists of a medium size plate full of fruits and cup of milk with some cornflakes (these days…the ones with no chocolate).

I have been thinking of going to weigh myself but I always find some excuse to do-it-later šŸ˜¦ I think I am a bit nervous to see what digits will the machine finally stop blinking at. But I should do it…soon and also measure myself and note down.

One more thing that I am focusing a lot is on having lots of water everyday. I have read all over we should have an intake of 2.5 litres of water everyday but this is including water consumed in tea, milk, fruits and everything. So we should stick to 8-10 glasses of water… I am having about 2 litres water everyday now.

For lunch today, I had simple Indian food with no butter or fattening stuff. If you cook Indian cuisine, the way its cooked at home and not in restaurants, its quite healthy. I had yoghurt, a curry with some diced potato and beans (these curries are also good cuz they have turmeric, which is very good for us) and roti: a thin bread made of wheat and roasted on pan. I forgot to get some quick bites to have after 2 hours, how am I going to make it aaaahhh (my lunch is in office with nothing healthy or low calorie being sold near by).

I keep myself motivated by hoping that when I see myself in the mirror after a month, there will be a thinner, fitter and healthier me staring back! Oh yea, I have forbidden myself to buy new jeans as next time I buy a pair, I want it to be a size smaller and not bigger!!

Byeee have a great day!