shaky confidence and pretty bridal dress!

I hope they are plain fears and not a reality I want to ignore,

I hope I will be loved and even more.

I hope he understands intangible meanings and nature of love,

I hope he feels it like I do.


I wish to be trusted and believed by him blindly,

I wish he becomes honest as a transparent sheet with me.

I want to be his stone, I want him to give me an opportunity,

I want to be his closest friend, will he let me be?


I don’t want to be compared, I want to be special for him,

like he is for me,

I want his eyes to light up and lips to turn in an upward curve when he sees me,

happens to me, does it happen to him? can’t see!


Would like to aim for contentment and happiness,

Work at honing ourselves for a better relationship.

Don’t want to blame people or things, don’t want to call names,

Don’t want to fight on petty things, don’t want to lose out on love through fights and please no dictatorship.


He empowers me, yet he weakens me,

I wish he could understand how he effects me.

If he could call me his own and treat me so,

with love and understanding.


I ask no more, just want to be yours,

In words, in feelings, through struggles with no ceilings.

This nervousness that I feel or are they negative thoughts?

Please understand my plight, don’t fuel this fire anymore.


Accept me the way I am, don’t confuse me over and over,

Make me feel like being at the top of the world, like lovers do.

Don’t talk of parting so easily, these thoughts trouble me much,

Dream happier dreams, don’t think of thoughts as such.


Please understand you are important to me and I listen to all you say,

May these silences of pain change to be silence of comforts, I pray.

I am switching my world for you, please make it worth it,

Don’t play with my grip so easily, I will be lost.


The little girl in me looks at you through these grown eyes,

She feels scared easily, she is stepping into a new terrain all alone.

Our roles are changing and responsibilities are to increase,

Just be with me lovingly, don’t make me feel weird, let all your love be shown.