Writing101 : trying my hand at dialogues!

Focus today’s post on the contrast between two things. The twist? Write the post in the form of a dialogue.

“He didn’t call again, doesn’t remember me like I miss him!” she said through gritted teeth.

“Must have dozed off, you know his habit.” she replied calmly with her voice trying to calm her.

“How can he just doze off without even thinking of me?” she asked angrily.

“He would wake up dreaming of you!” she replied smilingly.

“I really look forward to that daily call, you know. Why isn’t it important to him?” she asked, more sadly.

“It is, that’s why he calls everyday! Just slipped in doing so today”

“Aaaargh! Yesterday too he was so sleepy. Has time for everything else but me” she vented again!

“Calm down! No point arguing over this and ruining your day. He has slept and you still have half the day waiting for you!” she tried reasoning to calm her.

“I wish he understood me and my small needs” she wished, her head drooping low.

“He will! With time!” she ensured.

“How long? Been together for forever now!” she asked impatiently.

“Have patience!”

“Seem to be running out of it lately”, she sighed.

I opened my eyes, inhaled deep and continued with my Excel sheet.


Yes I am in love! I am in love!

I see him everywhere; something about someone reminds me of him,

If there is nothing to remind, I still recall him, wishing for him to be here, wishing for him to be near.

Those honey brown eyes, quite fascinating, quite unique

Love makes me understand what is the want to take a plunge into lovers’ eyes.

When he is at peace, looking at them brings me certain calm on the inside,

When he looks at me lovingly, they seem to change their color to molten honey,

When he is angry, hot lava spreads in them

Yet all in all, I always hope to remain in their shadow, to have him glance over me all time

Yes, I am in love.. I am in love

His perfectly arched eyebrows and those long tender lashes,

Bird’s beak like nose, so cute, so glistening

The curve of your smile, setting all other curves straight

That majestic beard, so soft, so nice

His turban, quite distinctive in style

His style, quite different, quite cool.

Him, his hug; my home, my peace

Yes, I am in love.. I am in love

Strength to cross oceans hand in hand yet the nervousness over the grip

Hopes to make to our happy ever after yet the uncertainty based on todays’ actions

Wishes for a family of our own but anxious to be first accepted by his’ and make them my own

May god stand by us like he always did, may we keep holding on to the faith

May we make it happy and healthy, may the lord be ever so great

Growing up brings many questions; may we find our answers or realize other questions are wrong

May we not take each other for granted but cherish all the limited time we have got together

Life is beautiful when I am by his side, both of us can tackle any tide

May god give us wisdom and courage to always stick together!

‘Papa, I want to get married’ says now the grown up daughter.

Yes, I am in love.. I am in love


(my hand at writing poems, wrote it months back, just thought of sharing:)

sikh couple silhouette


Hope is one the best attributes of me. Even when things go down, I can still hold my head high, thanks to hope! When things look not so bright and scare me about the future, I still cling onto hope! When road ahead looks troublesome but a needed pathway to accomplish smth, I still hold hands with hope! I pretty much tell my self ‘never mind’ when things go wrong as there is always hope by my side.

Yes there is hope mainly but some silent characters like positivity, faith and a thrill to make it.

However there are certain moments where I am losing on hope and being engulfed with negativity and sorrow. I kick hard but I don’t know how to swim. Many a times a rope of hope rescues me through this quicksand but still its a terrible feeling to be in one. The fear in me attracts sorrow and hopelessness, dislike it!

I wish to never lose hope because it always gives me a reason to smile, strength to face the not-so-welcome times and yet stay focused. I really wish not to lose hope as I would lose myself with it too, it makes a big part of me. I hope hope doesn’t leave me and go for smiling would be an exercise then 🙂