Writing101 : Chicken Keema

Today, be inspired by a favorite childhood meal. For the twist, focus on infusing the post with your unique voice — even if that makes you a little nervous.

My mom being a working lady hardly cooked a dish fully from start to end. Usually the household helper would cook for us, except on some of those odd days where she had ample time and all the ingredients to cook for us. And if these weren’t the reasons, it was because the rest of the family had teased her so much about her having lost her culinary skills or we literally begged her to cook. These were simply our methods to coax her into cooking.

Our household helper cooked good food but then it’s always different to have what your Mom cooks. It’s as though her love is infused in the meal and we would feel it in every bite. One main reason to over-eat on such days. And the dish that I have loved through out my childhood till date is called Chicken Keema. It simply means minced Chicken. She would cook it in Indian style with the aroma making its way into every corner of the house to draw us into the kitchen and count minutes till she pronounces the dish as ready-to-be-served. Its Yellow in color because of the Turmeric, has peas, tomatoes and other spices. It has a perfect blend of salt, lemon and spices and the meat is very soft.


chicken keema


We would have it with home made yogurt and warm wheat rotis. I always had stomach ache after having this dish because I ended up having a roti more than my normal. After all, it was a day of celebration as Mom cooked Chicken Keema and she hardly does so. It was a family celebration of no reason for outsiders but for every reason to the family members as it made us extremely happy and gave us a moment to recollect for many weeks.

After writing this post, I realize that it has been long that Chicken Keema has been made at home, it’s time to go coax her into making this dish again now and perhaps, I will learn it too this time. I know with time, I would have to leave my mom and go but perhaps I could take the taste of her food with me 🙂


Writing101: Changing Mocassins

For today’s assignment, write a scene at the park. Up for a twist? Write the scene from three different points of view.

A man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands. They pass an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater. The man begins to cry. The woman pats his back. He says “I will miss you, please don’t leave me and go. I don’t know if I have told you enough but I really love you!”. He thinks to himself of every moment that he could have been with her, of every moment that he has lost. He looks up and finds the day to be so cloudy, gloomy rather! Cold winds and unhappy trees swaying to and fro. He looks down and finds bushes with wilted flowers, petals fallen on the pathway. Everything seems reduced of its color to him.

The woman looks up at him and sees his tears. She reaches out to pat his back with a small smile playing on her lips. She thinks of what the doctor just told her and looks up to find the sky in a shade of prettiest Blue that she ever came across. Fresh winds play with her flicks and run through her lungs. Huge Green trees dance to the winds and as though, smile at her. She looks down as she can’t contain her happiness anymore. She finds bushes full of blooming flowers, their aroma capturing her senses. Everything seems bright to her as though seeing the world through newly cleaned lenses. She says “Son! its God’s way of calling me and the cancer doesn’t hurt much. I love you a lot but I look forward to joining your Dad in heavens soon!”.

The old woman sitting on the bench looks up to see the couple passing by and takes a deep breath wishing hard for a child that was never born to her. She thinks of her two marriages and the failed adoption process that she went through. She looks up at the sky and wishes for Sun to be more brighter and warmer, it would be nice for her old bones. Old age is quite painful especially when you have no one to take care of you, she thinks. She looks down and finds bushes full of buds and flowers, if only she could pluck them from here and sell them in the market for some money. But she would be fined if she did so. She let’s go of this thought and gets back to knitting the sweater as its delivery is due for tomorrow and she needs the money for survival.

Writing101: writing sans adverb

Go to a public location and make a detailed report of what you see. The twist of the day? Write the post without adverbs.

(And I have never done something like this, I find this difficult, going to try though)

I wait for the subway train while I see queue line grow every minute in the reflection of glass doors that prevent access to the train tracks. I can hear TV commercial of Maleficent going above my head. The girl standing on my right has beads of sweat on her forehead. Her Brown dyed hair now reveal her Black roots. Her long straight hair are secured in a Red rubber band. She smiles at her phone and starts to tap on the screen with both her thumbs. She has worn a White Chiffon shirt with short Black skirt and Black Fitflops. The bald man behind has started to look into her phone over her shoulders. He inches forward and his eyebrows rise a little. He has wrinkles on his face and hands, and his shirt too, is wrinkled. His light Grey Cotton shirt has turned dark Grey around his chest and arm holes.

I look into the glass doors as I feel a presence behind me. A set of light Blue eyes peer at me. Red hair in a Mohawk, Black earrings and a Black ring in his lips. His lips turn into an upward curve and I smile back at him. A baby wails in the arms of his mother on the escalator behind me. I see a girl scan the whole area, and then she begins to walk and joins the shortest queue line in the center of the platform. She is dressed in a Red sleeveless tucked in a Black pencil skirt. Her body looks very toned. Her Black work bag hangs at her elbow. Her hair straight, sleek and Black.

I hear a rumble at the far end of the train tunnel and turn my head to see the tunnel lit with the train on its way to pick us. Train jolts and halts in front of us and the glass door open along with the trains’. I feel cold hair hit my face and take a step forward.

(I don’t think I managed this assignment well, not using adverbs was a challenge indeed:(  )

Writing101 : trying my hand at dialogues!

Focus today’s post on the contrast between two things. The twist? Write the post in the form of a dialogue.

“He didn’t call again, doesn’t remember me like I miss him!” she said through gritted teeth.

“Must have dozed off, you know his habit.” she replied calmly with her voice trying to calm her.

“How can he just doze off without even thinking of me?” she asked angrily.

“He would wake up dreaming of you!” she replied smilingly.

“I really look forward to that daily call, you know. Why isn’t it important to him?” she asked, more sadly.

“It is, that’s why he calls everyday! Just slipped in doing so today”

“Aaaargh! Yesterday too he was so sleepy. Has time for everything else but me” she vented again!

“Calm down! No point arguing over this and ruining your day. He has slept and you still have half the day waiting for you!” she tried reasoning to calm her.

“I wish he understood me and my small needs” she wished, her head drooping low.

“He will! With time!” she ensured.

“How long? Been together for forever now!” she asked impatiently.

“Have patience!”

“Seem to be running out of it lately”, she sighed.

I opened my eyes, inhaled deep and continued with my Excel sheet.

Writing101: My special person of 2014!

Today, you’ll write about the most interesting person you’ve met in 2014. In your twist, develop and shape your portrait further in a character study.

I was glad to get role rotation in my career path as I had lots of problems in my previous role and used to remain quite tensed and tired. My new role was more about writing, analyzing and talking to people everyday. However with new role rotation came the new desk. I was quite skeptical about the move and to sit with another department. Again the whole cycle of trying to befriend new faces. I didn’t manage to build a very friendly relation with my previous neighbors (colleagues who sit next to me) and didn’t want to expect anything any more. I simply chose to believe that making friends with co-workers was perhaps something not in my destiny.

Here is where my work life turned a new leaf. My new neighbor, a friendly girl of a short height but a very big heart, with straight but fluffy hair and a contagious smile started talking to me. She is fair in complexion, black hair reaching just beyond her shoulders and a petite figure. She is very soft spoken and polite by nature, always curious about things she doesn’t know and a patient listener. She also has a big chest of knowledge regarding cultures, traditions, languages and more and she loves sharing (I love listening). I come from a different culture compared to most of my co-workers and faced a lot of language barrier, and if not that then sometimes, they did not want to associate with me because I look different. She broke those barriers and treated me as an equal. She did not alienate me!

I started to looking forward to come to office as she would look up smiling everyday never mind come rain or sunshine, and we both would greet each other ‘Morning!’. Soon our conversations became more than that and I learnt her love for music. She can sing so many English songs and is currently learning to play piano. We found our common liking of series like ‘Glee’, ‘Once upon a time’ and movies like ‘Frozen’. We also started hanging out together and doing new things starting from trying new cuisines to Zumba class and even entertained the idea of learning German (well that didn’t suit our schedules so we had to drop the idea) I was amazed by her zest to try new things. She even went to watch movies of my culture on my recommendation and liked them. I started finding many similarities between her and me.

Although I know her before year 2014 but I actually came to know her in year 2014 and she made my life better by simply her presence. Today I can proudly say that I too have a friend among my co-workers. She has also helped me a lot to understand the different culture and language and we share our problems. She listens to me even though I am younger than her. As I am not as hardworking as her, she made me understand lessons on ‘how and why one needs to take their work seriously’. She has indirectly inspired me for many things in life. Her positive outlook to life and the will to strive for things that she wants in life are among the other lessons that I learnt. I will definitely miss her once I leave this place but for now I thank God for her, as without her, I would not have made it through so many days in office. 🙂


my colleague!

my colleague!

Writing 101:Random Letter

You stumble upon a random letter on the path. You read it. It affects you deeply, and you wish it could be returned to the person to which it’s addressed. Write a story about this encounter.

Today’s twist: Approach this post in as few words as possible.

(I know I am super late but I had got the time wrong )

It’s snowing and the mail box is ice cold with a post-card waiting to be eagerly read. I pick it with my brown gloved hands and see grassy landscape with two white puppies peering through the front, twist the card around to read ‘Send Kathy over for John by 5pm, let them make some babies’. What!?? I re-read the neat hand writing on the lined background. How absurd does this sound? What is the writer talking about? And what is this mail doing in my mail box? Who is this message for? Why is poor Kathy being talked of in a way that she doesn’t have her wish? I don’t think I like John already! I find the writing indecent, my thoughts are almost vulgar. I make a face and decide against taking this sheet of puzzlement inside my home. I put it in the garbage bin but end up taking it home, in my mind!


writing101: one of my greatest loss

“How is your fever today and the stomach?”

“It’s better, so sweet of you to ask!”

“How was your day? Had fun in your world civilization class?”

“It was actually good, we learnt about Michael Angelo and his creations. The teacher showed a slideshow … (conversation continues)”

“Lets go out tonight, which cuisine do you prefer?”

“All is okay with me as long as I have not imagined something and set my mind on it, you know me!”

The one asking questions is my friend, always concerned, always thinking of me and showering me with his care and love.

The one replying is me relishing his concern, cherishing his attention and presence and imagining a rosier future.

There are certain figures like that in our lives with whom we connect in a special manner and feel the happiest with our own self . We enjoy thunder rains and hot blazing Sun with them. They are so special and each moment with them passes just too quick to hold on to. So much positivity, hope and mutual dreams float around  that one forgets reality and believe in those dreams to be present and the future.

So what happened? Oh just the general… we grew up! and not quite the way we had dreamt of. Today our conversations are more of mere sentences and replies of one word. I really don’t know about his world and because I started feeling so, I shut him out of my world. I don’t know how his day goes or what touches him. He knows nothing about me either. I keep it to myself but I do still want to share everything with him and learn about his days. I try to ask some times, he doesn’t reply much. His reluctance pushes me away, but I do miss him.

We grew up but are still together but not actually together. I lost my friend in him and sometimes I think, he too lost his friend in me which was a reciprocation actually. I don’t know if he misses me? I miss him! I would even be happy to just restart the whole process to be friends again because even though today we are surrounded by only negative vibes when together, there was a day that positive vibes didn’t leave us. Today we end up arguing whenever we talk and our respective ego has become a barrier but I remember days of pure happiness and joy.

I miss our friendship and his companionship. Sometimes I wish to be able to revive time but that cant happen in ‘real’ world so, I wish for us to let go of our negative feelings and embrace the warmth of friendship we feel for each other.  I want to spend time with him and find myself wondering how the hours ticked by so fast and not count the minutes. I want to go for those brunches we used to do and spend the day happily. I miss how I happy I used to feel around him. I miss his smiling face.